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Ted McGrath has created a movement called The Good Enough Movement, where he believes people all around the world are struggling to follow their message, their calling, and their gift, because they just don’t feel good enough. Could it be that the greatest transformation on the planet is your courage to share your message? He has devoted his life to transformation, storytelling, and helping others share their true message with the world. What’s your Message?
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Feb 22, 2018

I truly believe you have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach, and a message to share with humanity.

Because of it, you can build a celebrity brand, you can attract high quality clients and you can earn multipe strings of income doing exactly what you love.

The challenge that comes up for most people is, they ask:

Who am I to get paid for my story? Who wants to listen to my story? I don’t even know what my message is!

Feb 17, 2018

What I want to teach you right now is my best tip on how to create really effective presentations so you can get started thinking about this process.

This is the same tip that helped me make $1.3 million online in only 27 days.

It’s called a Brand Story.

Feb 12, 2018

Many times this is a challenging thing for people to do, to create programs and price them in a way where you feel valued in doing it.

The one thing I can say to this is only you know, when you are creating your programs, if it’s really something that’s representative of your value.

I want to encourage you not to lower your pricing, not to lower your standards. And particularly in the enrollment conversation, when that pricing objection comes up, stand your ground with your pricing and stay with it where it is.